Romantic Summer Herrliberg Wedding

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it was about this wedding that struck such a chord with me, and it’s hard for me to put it into words exactly.
To start, there was some GREAT music. After the excitement of the girls getting ready, those quiet moments of reflection to the soundtrack of Josh Garrells (who I’d never heard before), the melodies of the ICF Worship during the ceremony, the street band who started playing the wedding march as Priscilla rode past, and lastly – the German singer songwriter Dominik Bär and his band, who rocked the reception at the Restaurant Goldküste Seehaus in Herrliberg.
But most importantly, it was of course about a wonderful couple, madly in love, about to set off on this adventure together, and the simple beauty of life in all it’s glory. Getting back to basics. Love, commitment and faith in something greater than yourself. Watching these two say their ‘I do’s’ in front of 250 or so people all cheering them on – the atmosphere and energy in the church. Pure and simple, and incredibly beautiful.
I feel very privileged to have been able to share in these moments, and document such an unforgettable day. Many thanks to Priscilla and Michael for allowing me this honour, as well as Céline Mastel for her help.