Civil Ceremony in Lucerne

On the morning of Malin & Stefan’s wedding it was absolutely chucking down, without a trace of blue sky in sight. Thankfully the clouds made way for a perfect afternoon in the beautiful city of Lucerne, the couples’ home away from home for the past 5 years.

Malin and Stefan met while snowboarding on the snowy slopes of Austria, and share an infectious passion for all things outdoors, daring and fun. Stefan also happens to be an amazing wedding photographer! So naturally the thought of taking their wedding pictures was just a little scary :) In the end it felt like a day hanging out with old friends, with the couple introducing me to some of their favourite spots in Lucerne. It was real honour to document the civil ceremony of these two sporty Swedes – two of the most lovely humans you’ll ever meet, about to set off their most exciting adventure yet – as soon-to-be parents. Wishing you both only the best for this exciting next chapter! xo

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